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SU starts selling “Make MacHall Great Again” hats

By Derek Baker, November 1 2016 —

The Students’ Union recently lost a court injunction over the operation of MacHall, granting control of the building and its $1.9-million revenue to the University of Calgary for the duration of the ownership lawsuit. In an effort to promote awareness about the issue and recover some of the lost revenue, the SU will now sell “Make MacHall Great Again” hats.

“This plan was made with extremely thoughtful and careful deliberation,” SU vice-president operations and finance Branden Cave said. “There is absolutely nothing problematic about it whatsoever. Selling ‘Make MacHall Great Again’ hats will not backfire in any way. It’s not like these hats have caused a fight or anything.”

Students may purchase the hats in the MacHall courtyard. They come in three sizes — “Small,” “Medium” and “Yuge.” Hats cost $19.99 and do not include tax.

Sentiments around campus about the hat’s message remain mixed. Second-year international relations student Keith Kurton is in favour of the hats, believing they promote the SU’s cause.

“If you really think about it, the Students’ Union is a bit like Donald Trump,” Kurton said. “They’re basically fighting against the entrenched establishment of U of C administration.”

When asked about the possible problematic nature of hats being associated with the Republican nominee, Kurton was quick in his response.

“Wrong,” Kurton interjected. “That is a lie. Such a nasty journalist.”

Still, there are others who remain adamant that such messages should not be displayed on campus. First-year political science student Joel Johnson strongly believes that the hats should not be allowed on campus.

“I think that anyone who wears these insulting, highly offensive, inappropriate hats should be silenced and belongs in jail,” Johnson said, visibly shaken by the piece of fabric on a passing student’s head. “Someone even had the audacity to tell me that ‘it’s just a friggen hat, don’t get so worked up about it.’ Can you believe that?”

Portions of the sales of the “Make MacHall Great Again” hats will be allocated towards the SU MacHall defence fund. This fund is rumoured to also be used to build a wall around the building, protecting it from U of C administration.


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