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Get lit this Christmas season with these cocktails

By Derek Baker, November 29 2016 —

It’s that time of year again. With the combination of final exams, group projects, mall parking lots, festive decorating and family dinners, cortisol levels can skyrocket. Luckily, there’s one thing that we can all turn to during this stressful time of year — alcohol. Here are three new drink mixes to help get you through the chaos of Christmas.


The “Two Exams on One Day”:

Two shots of jagermeister

Two shots of rum

Two shots of tequila

Two splashes of Red Bull

Combine liquors, mix together and pour over ice in a coffee cup to sneak into your exam rooms.


The “My Relative is Currently Defending Trump?”:

Half a shot of Alberta Premium Rye

Half a shot of Alberta Pure vodka

Half a shot of Crown Royal

Half a shot of Polar Ice vodka

125 mL of Alexander Keith’s

Pour all liquors into a double-shot glass. Drop the liquors into the Alexander Keith’s and shoot back this Canadian drink every time you feel like screaming to remind you that at least you live in this country.


The “Sinner in Church”:

One shot of Fireball Whisky

One shot of Captain Morgan spiced rum

One shot Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

Splash of tobasco sauce

One can of cola

First, combine all hard liquors into a highball glass and set on fire. As you  watch the small inferno, pour the can of cola into a larger glass. Carefully pour the ignited liquors into cola to extinguish. As you knock it back, the burning sensations of the spicy drink in your throat will distract from the burning  sensation you feel on your skin as you walk through the front door of the church.


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