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Five uses for your leftover Halloween candy

By Heather Robertson, October 31 2017 —

Did you eat so much Halloween candy that one more piece will make you hurl? Did you get stuck with a pile of your least favourite Maynards candy or 8,000 little boxes of Smarties because you “forgot” to give those out first to trick-or-treaters? Is your tongue so raw from all the sour candy that you’re avoiding eating altogether? Fear not! Here are five tricks to use up your leftover treats.


Cure a heartbreak:

Pull out the box of mixed mini Hershey’s chocolate bars and munch your sadness away as you accept the reality that the dorm-warming cactus you got from your BFF in September didn’t make it past Halloween. Turns out cacti need at least a little bit of water.



Worried about the midterms you didn’t study for because you attended that Halloween Club Crawl? A monstrous pile of Skittles on your professor’s desk with the note “GRADE THE RAINBOW” will surely convince them you deserve an A.


Save it:

Easter is only five months away. Being the frugal student you are, you’ll save the Halloween chocolate for the Easter egg hunt that your brother’s wife’s co-worker’s husband’s niece begs you to do every year.


Year-round Halloween decorations:

Strategically glue your leftover candy corn kernels to the Zipper in Science Theatres to make a giant spinning corn cob. It will add a touch of Halloween spirit and another notable story to the popular sculpture. Now’s your chance!


Budget-friendly ingredients:

Free candy is everywhere this time of year. Grab a handful at every chance — being a student is all about finding the cheapest meal options, after all. Don’t hesitate to test the culinary skills you’ve borrowed from the Food Network to transform these goodies into masterful entrées.


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