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Seven cheap fidget toy alternatives

By Rachel Woodward, December 7 2017 —

The fidget toy craze have swept the nation as a way to maintain focus by keeping your hands busy. Unfortunately, spinners, cubes and other objects can get pretty expensive. But with a little imagination and creativity, these cheap alternatives can keep your hands busy and your wallet happy.


A cactus:

Plop a cactus on your desk and get ready to boost that adrenaline as you let your tender fingers graze over your spikey friend. Pet it like a kitten and let your mind focus on your work. Try to fight the urge to fall asleep while you work, though — you’ve lost a lot of blood!


A Rosary:

Do some good in the eyes of the Lord while you fidget your cares away. Nothing says motivation like prayer and good deeds. Let your fingers do the talking while you desperately seek forgiveness for your sins.


An old sandwich:

Remember that time you said you’d save money by packing lunch? Everyone knows that was a lie and you just hit up Tim Hortons anyway. If that sandwich gets hard enough, carve a little hole in the middle and spin away. Beware of flying condiments.


A piece of old chewing gum:

Just keep a little chewed piece of gum in your pocket to play with all day long. Make sure you wear something you don’t mind getting covered in minty-fresh goodness. Hubba bubba!


The teeth you lost as a child:

You thought you lost these bad boys, but your parents actually collected every single one of your baby chompers and put them in a weird envelope for safekeeping. Snoop around and get ready to keep those fingies busy with some soft little teeth. Just don’t let anyone see. This is so weird.


The wedding ring your mom kept in a drawer after your father left:

This big ol’ honkin’ ring can find purpose again as your new fidget toy. Don’t let the literal weight of the gem keep you down. The reminder of your role in your parents’ divorce will do that for you.


Your student debt:

Nothing will keep your mind focused more than just thinking about how strapped you’ll be come graduation day when you start owing the government all that cash for your degree. If you’re ever distracted, just remember the hard reality of post-grad life and you’ll be back to normal in no time. Happy fidgeting!


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