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Flashback Film Fest brings cult classics to Eau Claire screens

By Jill Girgulis, February 1 2018 —

Are your friends horribly uneducated when it comes to cult classics? Are you constantly reminiscing about the good old days of cheesy cinema? Are you seeking a better viewing experience than your fingerprint-smudged laptop screen? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, or if you just want something fun to do before midterms hit, then you should check out Cineplex’s Flashback Film Fest. Now in its ninth year, the nationwide cinematic escape runs Feb. 2–8.

Brad LaDouceur, Cineplex vice-president of event cinema and one of the festival’s programmers, says the event highlights the endurance of classic movies.

“For fans of film in Calgary, [the Flashback Film Fest] gives them a chance over the course of a week to see 15 different movies,” LaDouceur says.

With many flicks to choose from, this year’s festival lineup is a bit of a love letter to moviegoers. It includes David Lynch’s Dune, an English-subbed Cantonese screening of Drunken Master and evergreens like Gremlins, Hot Fuzz and The Iron Giant.   

“A lot of the list comes from fans through social media last year,” he says. “By hashtagging us, they say, ‘Here’s what I wanna see,’ and so we make sure to include their requests.”

LaDouceur is naturally a movie fan himself, speaking highly about the value of a theatre setting.

“[The big screen] is really where filmmakers want their films to be seen,” he says. “[The event] gives fans a chance to gather. That’s what we love to recreate with this festival.”

LaDouceur also says the festival is designed as deliberate counter-programming.

“Sports fans are watching the Super Bowl on Sunday and if you’re a movie-lover, there aren’t a lot of big blockbusters being released this week,” he explains. “Plus in the middle of winter it gives you a chance to get out and that’s the whole idea of the festival. Just to get out and see these movies with a crowd and celebrate and laugh along and enjoy all the action.”

LaDouceur is most looking forward to putting one cult classic in particular back on the big screen.

“If I were to pick one, I’d probably say Monty Python and the Holy Grail because I think it’s one of the first original big cult films. There’s just been so many references in other movies to Holy Grail,” he says. “Seeing Holy Grail in a movie theatre is a really different experience than just watching it at home.”

Films are being shown at Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market Cinemas. Ticket prices range depending on quantity. Prices are $8.99 for a single movie, $7.99 per ticket for three or more movies or $75 for the “Flashback Film Fest” pass, which grants access to all 15 movies.

For more information and to pre-purchase tickets, visit cineplex.com/fbff.

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