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Student finds love after sharing ECON notes

By Jason Herring, September 17 2018 —

A University of Calgary student is really liking his chances with a classmate after sending her his notes in exchange for a coffee.

First-year student Phillip Stern sent classmate Laura Donato all his notes for the first two weeks of their ECON 201 lecture immediately after Donato requested them in a mass email to the class.

“URGENT! Could someone PLEASE help me out and send me all the lecture notes so far?” read Donato’s email. “I can return the favour with a coffee :-)”

Upon reading the email, Stern was elated at the prospect of finally scoring a coffee date. In his response, he made sure to emphasize his excitement for him and Donato to meet in person and get to know each other.

“I can’t wait to take you up on that coffee. Let’s meet up at Good Earth this Friday… unless you’re more of a Brew & Blendz gal ;),” Stern wrote, before suggesting to Donato that they later continue the conversation on Kik.

“I’m feeling really good about my chances here. I can see this relationship getting serious, and soon,” Stern said. “Forget about Tinder. I dotingly sent her three lectures worth of fully annotated notes — what better path is there to a woman’s heart?”

Donato has yet to respond to Stern’s emails. She reportedly plans to withdraw from the class and refrain from ever asking anyone for notes again.

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