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Antiphở make presence known on campus

By Matty Hume, September 28 2018 —

group of about a dozen protestors dressed in all black gathered for a demonstration in MacHall following the placement of a series of posters on the University of Calgary campus that read, “Keep Noodles Vermicelli.”

The protestors, who called themselves Antiphở, made it clear that they believed the posters were an unacceptable display of phởscism and that the university isn’t doing enough to stop it.

“We’re making it clear that soupremacists are not welcome on our campus,” said Blake Bloque, an Antiphở spokesperson. “The person responsible has no place in this community and neither does any other phởscist out there.”

Those critical of Antiphở believe the group is jumping to dangerous conclusions, stating broth sides are equally unacceptable.

“I mean, Antiphở just calls anyone that they disagree with a phởscist,” said Doug Wissell, the sole vocal critic at the time of the protest. “Did you hear they’re making their own soupersoldiers? I heard it on The Rebowl.

“Like, just because someone put up a couple hundred ominous posters with a thinly veiled hateful message that means they’re a phởscist now?” he added, before stumbling over a series of rakes, each swinging up and hitting his face.

Despite the criticism, Antiphở continued their demonstration, which included a chant that stated, “ALL SOUP IS GOOD SOUP.”

“Honestly. I’m glad I don’t have whatever brain worm that makes you think opposing phởscism is a bad thing,” Bloque said. “Whether you’re joking about a violent soup cleanse or defending someone who is, you’re worse than a soggy noodle. And the only thing worse than a soggy noodle is a soupremacist.”

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