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Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials

By Frankie Hart, February 1 2018 —

On Valentine’s Day, it’s important to dress up a little more and put in that extra effort for your partner. When it comes to the finicky beast that is makeup, try any of these looks to remind your beau why they’re spending this day with you.

If you’re looking to get the ‘D’ tonight:

Pick out a foundation that most closely resembles a nice mozzarella. Apply evenly across your skin. Lightly coat your eyebrows with a steak-coloured brow gel. With a sunburnt pink blush, gently apply to the cheeks, nose and forehead. To finish, cut tufts of fur off your dog. Apply it to your upper lip, middle chin and sides of chin using spirit gum. If you really nail this look, you might get all the Ds: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!

Heart eyes:

Have you ever felt frustrated that your face isn’t able to mimic your favourite emojis? It’s time to use the power of makeup to recreate an emoji that will make your partner feel your love. Use red face paint to draw hearts around your eyes and fill the surrounding space on your face with a bright yellow. This will guarantee that your partner will never forget that they give you butterflies in your stomach and hearts in your eyes! Just make sure not to look at anyone else with this makeup on or you might give the wrong impression.

For the true romantic:

If Valentine’s Day is when you want to initiate taking your relationship to the next level, this is the look for you. Find a foundation that is the colour of your partner’s skin and make sure to not only cover your face and neck, but also your arms and any other visible skin. Using the shape-changing techniques of highlighting and contour, alter your face shape to mimic your partner’s. All other makeup should be used only if it brings you closer to looking like them. This ultimate romantic gesture symbolizes two becoming one. It’ll be sure to bring a tear to their eye. That’s when you bring out the ring.

Experience the look in 4-D:

Remember when they tried out using smells in 3-D movies? To create an immersive and sensual experience for your lover, create the makeup look of your choice — perhaps one you read in this article — but then add pheromones! Apply gently to your eyelids, the scent alluring them to the windows to your soul. Just be careful to — oh, fuck, it’s in my eye. Oh god, it stings. You know what they say. Love is pain.

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