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Department of Physics and Astronomy to introduce class on vape physics

By Frankie Hart, March 27 2019 —

After much student consultation, the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Calgary announced that they will offer “PHYS 201: Vape and Vaping” starting in the fall 2019 semester. The class will cover vape mechanics and manipulation from a scientific perspective. 

The class will be taught by Dr. Ripp, who says it is long overdue.

“With vape’s current popularity and many fascinating qualities, who are we to decide it’s undeserving of scientific study?” he asked. “The students have clearly been acquainted with the old huff n’ puff. I’m here to make them experts.”

All students will be required to Juul, though more sophisticated mod vapes will also be encouraged for experimentation. However, only fruity vape juices will be permitted in order to prevent nasty vape smell combinations in class. Due to the rigorous nature of the course, students are also encouraged to use e-juice with low amounts of nicotine.

“I can’t have a regular vaper coming into this class cocky with 24 mg juice,” said Ripp. “Just in case, we have a dedicated EMT for the class in case some kids get nic’d out. Can’t be too careful.”

The first section of the course will focus on studying the theoretical side of vaping. Students will learn how to build the sickest box mod, capable of puffing the phattest clouds. The latter half will be dedicated purely to learning various intricate vape tricks. However, Ripp has one restriction: No videos.

“I don’t wanna see them smoking volcanoes online anywhere,” Ripp said. “I’m trying to mould them into cloud chasers, not clout chasers.”

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