2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

Photo by Mackenzie Ashcroft

2022 SU general election: Faculty representative — Haskayne School of Business

Along with the responsibilities outlined for all Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) members, faculty representatives are accountable for responsibilities particular to their role including: Reporting to students of their faculty the policies, positions and programs of the Students’ Union (SU), reporting to their faculty itself (like Dean’s Council) the policies, positions and programs of the SU, representing student constituents of their faculty at SLC, representing student constituents of their faculty on university committees and reporting to the VP Academic on matters of academic importance within their faculty.

Daniel Fine

courtesy Daniel Fine

Running uncontested for Haskayne School of Business representative, Daniel Fine structures his platform through a strong student-advocacy lens. 

He expressed that he has always wanted to get involved in SU politics and has a good understanding of how the SU works, helping campaigns and staying current on information and announcements. Fine’s biggest platform point concerns academic standards and fairness towards students. 

He is keen to help enact the Student Bill of Rights to ensure that punitive exam measures are no longer administered for Haskayne students, and wants to commit to quality education for students to match their price of tuition. 

Fine also wishes to submit a Quality Money grant in order to update many of the spaces in Scurfield Hall for Haskayne students — something that has been a popular platform point for Haskayne reps in the past. 

Fine also mentioned that many Haskayne students do not have a clear understanding of where the non-instructional fees included with their tuition go, or how they’re used. He plans on conducting a financial breakdown and connect with other Haskayne students with faculty-related clubs to ensure this money is being used in students’ best interests. 

Fine is excited to get started and has good foundational knowledge on the SU. He has a strong understanding of what Haskayne students need from their SU coming back after almost two years online. 

All undergraduate students in the Haskayne School of Business can vote YES or NO on their ballot for Daniel Fine as one of two FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE or ABSTAIN from voting.

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