2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

Photo courtesy Adrian Alcantara

2022 SU general election: Vice-president student life

The vice-president student life is in charge of student clubs, events like Orientation Week, Frostbite and Bermuda Shorts Day, as well as mental health and overall student wellness initiatives. 


Adrian Alcantara is an eager candidate running uncontested for vice-president student life. 

Alcantara has plenty of experience running a number of student opportunities and organizing online events through the Haskayne Students Association and as the current Haskayne rep on this years’ Students’ Legislative Council. 

While Alcantara spoke extensively on the many initiatives and projects he wishes to complete over the course of his term, he seems confident that his time as Haskayne rep and strength collaborating with others, will help him to stay on top of his ambitious platform. 

One of the areas Alcantara spoke about was his motivation to continue the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) work he started with Faculty of Arts representative Fayo Abdi this year. He said he would like to continue to implement it more frequently in events and workshops for students throughout the school year, rather than structuring it into one week.

He also spoke at length about the numerous ways he would like to get students involved as they transition from online to in-person learning. 

While he has had many experinces conducting online events for Haskayne students, Alcantara believes that collaborating as much as possible with SU club executives will create the necessary environment to foster safe community engagement.  

His enthusiasm for this position and excitement to connect with students makes him a strong candidate for this position, and gives certainty that he will commit to his many platform points throughout the school year.

All undergraduate students can vote YES or NO on their ballot for Adrian Alcantara as  VP STUDENT LIFE or ABSTAIN from voting.

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