2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

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2022 SU General Election: Staff endorsements

Every year, the Gauntlet Students’ Union election supplement panelists individually compile a list of endorsements for candidates. While we take pride in the work we do on this supplement, please don’t take it as gospel — do your research on candidates by reading their platforms online, engaging with them during the campaign period and attending forums.

Not all panelists endorsed candidates in all faculties, and only provided commentary on the contested positions this year. These students will represent you over the next year. Vote for candidates whose platforms you believe in.

Voting runs from March 8 at 9 a.m. to March 10 at 4 p.m. and can be done through your my.ucalgary.ca student centre. The un-official results will be announced in-person in the South Courtyard of MacEwan Student Centre on March 10 at 5:30 p.m. You can also watch the livestream — same date and time — following a link released on March 1 at www.su.ucalgary.ca/about/elections.

Cristina Paolozzi: Editor-in-Chief

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 VP Operations & Finance: 

Taimur Akhtar is currently the Schulich School of Engineering representative, so already has SU experience. He knows what works for students, and he understands how to make an impact using the tools already available to him as an executive. He was confident and assured in his answers, and is someone who is definitely aware of what the portfolio entails. 

Cumming School of Medicine representatives: 

Emily MacPhail is definitely someone who will bring her extensive knowledge of both the faculty representative role and the role of the SU to med students. She has clear goals and a comprehensive strategy to achieve them, and is aware of the nuance in trying to represent a diverse faculty. 

Reeana Tazreean is in a unique position to represent students from smaller departments, like Health and Society and Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. She has a lot of previous advocacy experience has a clear understanding of some of the key issues that students in the faculty are concerned with. 

Faculty of Science representatives: 

Pragya Chopra has previous SU experience and a laundry list of projects her and her colleagues have worked on during her time in office. She has a very clear and determined understanding of her role as faculty rep and has shown a strong commitment to her long-term goals. 

Navid Ghaderi has great ideas and a tangible way to achieve them for science students if he were to be elected. He provides clear and actionable steps on how he plans on following through on these goals, and was confident in his knowledge of the position. 

Harold Zhu was shy in his interview, but his platform certainly isn’t. There are a lot of goals that Zhu would like to achieve, however, they align well with common issues faculty representatives choose to target and aren’t trying to be too ambitious.

Julieanne Acosta: News Editor

Photo by Julieanne Acosta

 VP Operations & Finance: 

Rafael Sanguinetti looks to promote ideas that will ensure that SU representatives are doing their best work for students. His background with SLC as the Cumming School of Medicine representative this past year shows that he is well-versed with how the SU functions. Sanguinetti’s plans to have the bookstore run by the SU and introducing pay deductions to SU representatives not performing their roles adequately show how much he cares for students and want what is best for them. I believe Sanguinetti is an excellent candidate for  VP OpFi. 

Cumming School of Medicine representatives:

Emily MacPhail has already been in this role for a few months and has gained valuable experience that puts her at an advantage against her competitors. She is knowledgeable about the position and knows what students want. I think she will continue to fight for students if re-elected. 

Reanna Tarzean has a really good grasp on what she wants to see the CSM become and has feasible ways to achieve it. I believe she would be a good fit in the position alongside MacPhail. 

Faculty of Science representatives:

Pragya Chopra has been a Faculty of Science representative for the past two years. She understands the position well and ensures that students’ voices are heard. Chopra has proven herself to be reliable and ambitious in this role. She has accomplished a lot in her two terms and I believe she will continue to do so. 

Navid Ghaderi has a strong platform and understands how he wants to work to achieve them. He’s a great candidate for this role. 

Harold Zhu has a lot of common goals with the rest of the candidates but he still maintains a realistic approach to them.

Sophia Lopez: News Editor

Photo courtesy Yasmine Elsayed

 VP Operations & Finance:

Rafael Sanguinetti is confident in his abilities to achieve the best possible financial outcome for students, while also aiming to hold other elected officials accountable. He has SU experience that makes him knowledgeable on student politics and how the system works, and is willing to challenge that system when it’s not working in favour of students. From turning the bookstore into an SU business and implementing pay deductions for elected officials who fail to meet their responsibilities, Sanguinetti is not afraid to go the extra mile for students and is very open to hearing out concerns. I think he would be a great choice for  VP OpFi. 

Cumming School of Medicine representatives:

Emily MacPhail is an experienced student who has the best interest of students in mind. Having been in this position since November of last year, MacPhail understands the responsibilities of being a Cumming School of Medicine representative. Her extensive experience in SU politics also gives her an advantage in this race. I think she will fight her hardest to continue to support students and listen to their needs.

Reeana Tazreean has a lot of energy to bring to the table for the Cumming School of Medicine. Like McPhail, she also has a lot of advocacy experience, and if she were to be elected, I’m sure she would be able to engage the faculty and create a more positive environment for med students. 

Faculty of Science representatives:

Due to a conflict of interest, I will be abstaining from an endorsement in this race. 

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