2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

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2022 SU elections: Faculty representative — Nursing

Along with the responsibilities outlined for all Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) members, faculty representatives are accountable for responsibilities particular to their role including: Reporting to students of their faculty the policies, positions and programs of the Students’ Union (SU), reporting to their faculty itself (like Dean’s Council) the policies, positions and programs of the SU, representing student constituents of their faculty at SLC, representing student constituents of their faculty on university committees and reporting to the VP Academic on matters of academic importance within their faculty.


Courtesy Melody Chu

Running uncontested for Faculty of Nursing rep, Melody Chu is soft-spoken, but ready to commit to student success. 

While she seemed hesitant in her interview about some of the questions asked, she maintained that she believes her role is only important if she has student support. 

She has previous experience planning and leading activities for her fellow nursing students, and feels this role would fit well with the knowledge she already has on nursing student issues. 

Her major goals for nursing students concern obtaining discounted resources such as study guides and practice tests, as well as discounted parking for students on clinical. 

Chu said that nursing students are already under lots of stress when studying for their NCLEX exams. 

While Chu didn’t mention collaborating with the incoming vice-president academic on this plan through something like Open Educational Resources (OERs), she plans on finding free or reduced resources on her own so students can receive the best chance for success. 

Chu also plans to send out monthly surveys to nursing students to get a better idea of what nursing students want, and adapting her goals and initiatives to reflect this. 

Although uncontested, Chu addresses key concerns for nursing students in her platform, and hopes to continue building a relationship between students and the SU.

All undergraduate students in the Faculty of Nursing can vote YES or NO on their ballot for Melody Chu as FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE or ABSTAIN from voting.

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