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The best overlooked study spots on campus

By Amanda Wilson, September 13 2022

The University of Calgary can be a very big, intimidating and loud campus. It can be highly time consuming to simply find the ideal spot to grind away at. Have no fear, this guide is here to give you a few suggestions of where to stare at your laptop and books for the next four years!

Upper Swimming Pool Deck

I have always found the surroundings of water to be relaxing and help me with concentration. This spot is typically unpopulated and has lots of charger outlets. If you can’t handle the humidity or scent of chlorine, the observation deck will suit you just fine.

Faculty Library/Lounge

Not only are the dedicated faculty spaces excellent for resources within your field, but they are also the perfect spot to find like-minded people and make some friends. The faculty spaces also hold various student events. Be sure to find your respective faculty space with the campus room finder.

Second Floor of ICT

When I need to study, lots of natural light and a comfy seat is necessary — this location holds exactly that. The surrounding space houses rooms for robotics work that you can peep into — and the ZETTA light display is an interesting piece to check out when you need a break.

Stairs of Engineering

Although the stairs of the Engineering building can get busy, it is a great spot to meet for a group study session. My favourite feature of the area is the sunroof that always allows for natural light. There is also a ping pong and air hockey table to have some fun after your hard work!

Earth Science Stairs

This is one of my favourite lowkey spots as I love how tiny the nooks are, and they are aligned with couches and plug-ins.

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning (TITL)

Without a doubt, the TITL is one of the most gorgeous buildings on campus. My favourite area within the building is on the second floor, which features intimate balconies with comfy seats. It’s as if you’re floating! Another treat in this building is that it has a grand piano on the ground floor — hopefully whoever plays it has musical ability.

University Theatre Entrance

This is one of my favourite study spots solely for the aesthetic. The area has floor-to-ceiling windows that exhibit some of campus’ greenery and it is complemented by stone floors. The lounge furniture has gorgeous mid-century style that is reminiscent of a European café. There is also a small coffee bar to replenish stamina.

Maths Science Hallway

This long hallway is aligned with desks facing the windows. It is ideal as there is tons of space to choose from and you can always find a plug-in nearby. It is a perfect study pitstop between running across campus to catch lectures.

Arts Parkade/Craigie Hall

I quite enjoy this area as it tends to be one of the quieter spots on campus, and it’s a great opportunity to check out some of the arts and culture that U of C has to offer — as this is where senior projects are displayed for arts majors.

This list includes just a few of the many places that you can study on campus. Wherever you go that gets you the most productive, I wish you luck!

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