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Student taking spring and summer classes honestly has no FOMO

By Frankie Hart, April 25 2018 —

The start of spring at the University of Calgary campus brings sighs of relief for most. Students are finally liberated from academic responsibilities after exams and are free to relax, go on vacation or work and at least get direct compensation for their labour.

However, for some students, the break is fleeting as they continue the unending cycle of academia by taking spring and summer classes. Bailey Brooks, a third-year open studies student, is one such student.

For the entirety of what would be a relaxing four months, Brooks will be stuck in lectures while their friends are having the time of their lives, no doubt forming strong bonds with each other and deciding to never hang out with Brooks ever again for being such a square.

“I’ve considered every possible scenario of classes I need to take and this is what I have to do if I want to graduate on time,” Brooks explained. “Next fall and winter semesters, I’m taking required courses that would otherwise overlap with my other required courses. What else am I supposed to do?”

Brooks, however, conceded that their current situation was likely self-inflicted due to past unfortunate enrolment schedules forcing them to put off several required courses.

“It felt like they didn’t even want me to get into my classes,” Brooks said. “One time, I was number 69 on the waitlist! I could feel the system laughing at me Despite common sense, Brooks isn’t worried about what they’re missing.

“Since there’s nothing I can do about it, I need to just accept it graciously,” said Brooks, between checking their phone for missed texts from friends that haven’t been in contact since the winter semester ended.

Brooks claims the best way to cope is to avoid social media, so as not to become jealous of all the photos of your friends hanging out without you. The next-best tactic is to focus exclusively on class and homework.

“While my friends are out wasting time enjoying themselves, I’m enriching myself intellectually and challenging my own mental endurance,” Brooks said.

When asked about making friends within their classes, Brooks gave a surprising response.

“The thing is, I’m here because I have to be,” they said. “I think these other people actually chose to be here. I’m lonely — but I’m not that lonely.”

Days later, Brooks was spotted sobbing while photoshopping themselves into their friends’ group photos.

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