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Horoscopes: What the stars have in store for you this St. Patrick’s Day

By Furyal Hussain, March 17 2021—

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations will definitely be less exciting than in previous years. Places such as Dublin and Boston have reduced the extravagance in their annual parades in an attempt to keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum, but that hasn’t affected the overall spirit of the holiday. With the moon in Capricorn, this St. Patrick’s Day will be lucky!


You have been a tornado of emotions lately. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s the cosmos. With the Sagittarius moon getting you focused on your career plans and the Moon itself not forming many cosmic relations in March, you feel inconsistent. That’s okay! Take St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to devote some of your emotions to feeling balanced. Do some yoga at home and make a green St. Patrick’s Day smoothie. A day to relax is all you need.


As an Aries, you feel your best when you’re productive. However, this past year, you’ve had a difficult time implementing new projects because of anxiety and stress. You’ve also probably been distant from your friends because of this lack of motivation. That’s totally normal! This St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll be drinking mimosas with your friends and catching up on everything. Throw a mini fashion show with your pals or read some Wattpad fanfictions. It’ll be a nice change of pace. You’ve got plenty to offer, Aries. Not only will this help you get out of your shell and feeling like yourself, but it will also give you a shot at talking to people again! 


After the laziness you have experienced for the past few months, you’re ready for a change of scenery. Instead of giving in to your inclination of staying home and making random scenarios in your head — which, truthfully, we’ve all been doing for a year now — go for a nice, socially-distanced brisk nature walk with a few friends. Maybe hug a tree while you’re at it. Go chase a waterfall, you deserve it. You’re craving excitement, so go find the end of the rainbow this St. Patrick’s Day. It’s your time to shine, hun. 


You’ve been busy on an internal level and used COVID-19 restrictions as a way to work on your passion projects. However, with the Moon shifting into Capricorn, it’s your time to focus on any internalized feelings regarding important relationships in your life. As the Moon meets up with Venus, you have the ideal setting to share these thoughts and feelings. Thus, this St. Patrick’s Day, you just wanna meet up with some friends or family to share how you’ve been feeling. You can finally tell your mom you love her, call up that friend who you’ve been cancelling on for the past three weeks — have a good time and get some of that balance back into your life. 


With the Moon gliding through Capricorn right now, your cosmic landscape is focused on partnerships and friendships. In other words, it’s time to socialize. You’re beginning to notice certain aspects in your relationships which you didn’t before — and maybe you’re realizing that you have a lot of catching up to do with your loved ones. You’re the problem, Cancer. This St. Patrick’s Day, it’s probably best for you to keep it low-key while you work through all of these emotions and reconnect with your circle. Some Lucky Charms cereal, human interaction, fuzzy socks and a St. Patrick’s Day-themed bullet journal will do you good. 


You’ve recently been spending a lot of time working after hours to further your ambitions. As the responsible Capricorn moon collides with the challenging Uranus, you’re ready to reach your full potential and put forth your newest and most innovative insights. However, your atmosphere is about to get more intimate when the Moon aligns with Venus. So, what other day to try your luck with your boo than St. Patrick’s Day? Call up that special someone who you’ve been thinking about lately. Live your Hollywood fairytale, St. Patrick’s Day style. It’ll be extra lucky. 


This year has been all about implementing your vision, especially with that special someone. You’re not dreaming, the sparks are flying! After all, the Moon has a strong link with Uranus and sultry Venus and that’s making you feel extra passionate lately. Use this energy not only for your passion projects, but also in your romantic relationships. This St. Patrick’s Day, confess your feelings for that person and plan a date night. It may work out or you may get rejected, but at least you’ll feel good knowing that you did something on St. Patrick’s Day. 


This St. Patrick’s Day, relax a bit. Drop your guard and enjoy life in the moment. You have been shutting people out recently and have been a total nightmare and you know it! This holiday is the perfect time to reconcile those relationships and take action. Throw a virtual party with a long list of people you haven’t talked to recently and let them know that you do still care for them.


Your cosmic activity has been a bit empty lately, Scorpio. The Moon is too busy roaming through Sagittarius this March and no consequential cosmic connections are being made with you. This is resulting in low-energy days all around, so despite your desire of wanting to do something different and innovative, it might be best to focus on maintaining whatever you have going on currently. Thus, this St. Patrick’s Day, just follow your intuition of wanting to stay home and in bed with a holiday movie playing in the background while you talk to a friend or work on some schoolwork and fall asleep at 9 p.m. after popping that melatonin pill to fake the illusion of productivity the morning after. Blame it on the cosmos!


As a Sagittarius, you just want to be free and independent. The Moon is present in your sign currently and thus, you feel extra rebellious. What should you do this St. Patrick’s Day? Travel to Los Angeles and drive down Sunset Boulevard in a nice convertible with your mane in the air. But because we’re in a pandemic, you can’t do much but get hammered with your pals in your bedroom — just remember to stay safe. 


You have been working yourself to the bone, Capricorn. That is natural for you, but you need to calm down. Take a break and check in with your friends. This St. Patrick’s Day, focus on rekindling those friendships and family plans that you have been putting off for so long. Go on a road trip and shut off your phone for the day. 


How much more alone time do you need? Focus on rekindling the friendships and family relations that you’ve put in the closet for way too long. Allow yourself to reconnect with loved ones this St. Patrick’s Day — your best friend misses you and wants you to reach out. Make plans to go for a low-key dinner with your besties and watch a movie at home with some coffee. It’ll recharge you and give enough social interaction for the rest of the year. 

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