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Your tarot reading for the new school year

By Ramiro Bustamante Torres, September 24 2021—

Everyone’s a little worried and excited about going back to university and what it’s going to be like. For some, this will be their first time on campus ever. To ease your worries, I have consulted the university spirit guides and have received a message of what to expect for the coming year. Below are the three cards I pulled from my special university tarot and used in a three-card spread to symbolize the coming semester as a whole.  

0 – The Freshman

Illutrsation by Ramiro Bustamante Torres

Similar to the Fool in the common major arcana, this card deals with beginnings — like being a freshman. Here we can see the eagerness to get started along with a full backpack, a clear symbol of being in preparation. 

VI – The Group Members

Illutrsation by Ramiro Bustamante Torres

This card correlates with the Lovers card. Now, it doesn’t just deal with love but with partnerships, like in group projects or with lab partners. It also refers to friendship, which is a very important partnership. But, yes, it also deals with love and relationships so keep an eye out.

X – The Zipper

Illutrsation by Ramiro Bustamante Torres

The Zipper and the Wheel of Fortune are one and the same. They both speak of the ups and downs in life and the cycle that we all follow. This card also deals with luck — many who have spun the Zipper did it for good luck while others have overspun, making their luck go sour. 

Now that we have our spread, let’s interpret it. With the Freshman in the spread, we can expect tons of new people on our campus — first-year students and upper-years who have never been on campus before. There has also been construction ongoing since before online classes began, so some familiar spots won’t be so familiar. The Group Members showing up is a clear indication of everyone coming back together again, after spending months seeing each other through tiny screens or not even seeing each other at all — yes, I know some of you never turned your camera on, not even once. It can also signify the start of new friendships and maybe even a relationship. But don’t rush anything yet. Finally, the Zipper signifies that this year will be a move into the routine that we all know and love but with some changes. 

This semester back will have many of the same experiences as before, including running around campus trying to get to your lecture before someone takes your unassigned seat, hunting for a study spot wherever you can find one and trying to find a spot to just sleep after a three-hour lab. Now add a face mask and many bottles of hand sanitizer in the mix and we’ve got a spruced-up routine. Also, some lectures will be online only, so make sure to check your schedule for those. All in all, this new year will bring new things for everyone, even the university veterans on the verge of graduating. I wish everyone good luck — and please, wash your hands.

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