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Four revolutionary ways to take notes in lecture

By Jill Girgulis, September 20 2016  —

The rise of technology has led to an increase in the use of gadgets and gizmos in the lecture theatre. Students who choose to spit on their parents’ legacy by ditching the traditional pen and paper for note-taking in favour of something more current have plenty of options at their disposal. Instead of shelling out the equivalent of 39 trips to Thursden on a shiny new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, give one of these less conventional note-taking methods a try.

Stone and chisel:

We’ve all had our note-taking program of choice crash right in the middle of a lecture right before our eyes. Technical difficulties are about as legitimate in the minds of professors as homework-eating dogs, so don’t go running to them for a copy of the notes you lost. Instead, try embracing one of the most original forms of note-taking -— the stone and chisel. Writing notes might take a little bit longer if you use this method, but now that shit’s gonna be around forever.

Invisible ink: 

If you have never before been asked by a random nameless classmate to borrow your lecture notes, can you actually call yourself a university student? The next time someone reaches out to you on WhatsApp seeking last-minute academic salvation, you can apologize profusely and explain that you actually can’t lend them your notes since you’ve started writing everything in invisible ink.

Artistic elephant: 

Some zoos provide their elephants with easels and paintbrushes to give them a source of stimulation. Why not train one of these fellas to transcribe your Brain and Behavior lecture for you? Just be prepared for death glares when your elephant companion takes up a whole block of seats in ST 140.

Tattoo sleeve:

 Have you ever felt like you physically couldn’t manage more than two classes per semester? If you start tattooing your lecture notes on your body, pretty soon you literally won’t be capable of adding anything else to your course load since you won’t have any note space left on your body.


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