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Doctor Strange is strange

By Jill Girgulis, November 15 2016 —

I’m just gonna say it — Doctor Strange is one strange movie.

Prepare yourselves for Sherlock Holmes in his most convincing disguise yet — an American physician with a superiority complex. It will be a rude awakening for Cumberbitches everywhere when their Internet bae opens his mouth for the first time and doesn’t sound like a finely tuned harpsichord.

In addition to functioning as a public safety announcement on the dangers of psychedelics, people will learn a lot from watching Doctor Strange. For instance, Regina George has made a full recovery after getting hit by a bus in high school and now works alongside world-famous neurosurgeons as an emergency room physician. David Bowie’s overlooked younger sister proves that she can still be fierce while using glittery fans as weapons. And Chiwetel Ejiofor continues his fruitless attempt to surpass his co-star for the title of most bodacious Brit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Another important co-star is the Cloak of Levitation, affectionately known as “Levvy” from here on out. Forget Strange, Levvy is the true hero of this movie. The adorable scarlet rockstar completely steals the show with her quirky antics, from constantly yanking Strange away from his weapon of choice to wiping his misty eyes so that he can return to his mission. As one astute audience member noted, Levvy is basically Strange’s mom.

I also want to take a moment to compliment Benedict Cumberbatch’s stunt double. He was really put to the test this movie. Aside from honing his skills playing Cat’s Cradle, the poor guy probably spent hours rehearsing how to walk with a purpose.

Not one to deviate from the status quo, this Marvel creation also includes a post-credits scene. Marvel Studios has now released 14 movies, but amazingly, the vast majority of moviegoers still left the theatre at the start of the credits. You’d think eight years of evolution would have started to favour those with larger bladders.

If you’re looking for an enlightening audiovisual experience to the soundtrack of Yankee Cumberbatch, this movie’s for you. Or if you just want to blow your brains out, trywatching this movie alone in a TFDL workroom with the sound off.


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