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Four fabulously festive Starbucks concoctions

By Derek Baker, November 15 2016 —

Once again, Starbucks has began serving their annual non-denominational holiday beverages. Festivity lovers embrace this as the first sign of the most wonderful time of the year. However, if you want to make your drink extra-festive to get you in the holiday spirit, here are some new takes on a few Starbucks classics.

The Egg Eggnog Latte:

Get your your daily dose of protein by cracking a raw egg into an eggnog latte. After hitting the gym to get swole, down this drink as your post-workout boost. Even gym bros can get into the holiday spirit with this possibly health-hazardous drink.

The Mariah Carey:

The holiday season isn’t really in full swing until Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is played on a continuous loop. Ask for a tiny speaker to be put at the bottom of your Starbucks cup, so that when you finish your drink you and everyone around you can be #blessed with the classic tune. Immediately ditch those who find the song “annoying.” You don’t need that shit in your life.

The Mariah Carey (SuperFestive! version):

Similar to The Mariah Carey, except instead of playing “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” the tiny speaker will play “All I Want for Christmas (SuperFestive!).” And who doesn’t want their holiday season to be super festive? I know I do.

The Tinsel Town:

Grab some edible glitter and dump half a cup into any Starbucks holiday drink. Drape a fist-full of Christmas tree tinsel on top of the classic red Starbucks cup. Be sure to ask for an extra shot of espresso and scoop of sugar in your drink, too. Not only will everyone around you know how festive you are, but you can also be wired enough to survive the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.


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