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Five tips to help with the summer job hunt

By Drew Thomas, March 28 2017 —

It’s almost the beginning of April and you haven’t even started looking for a summer job. We feel you. With your peers and Facebook-acquaintances-who-you’d-like-to-lifeswap-with-and-never-change-back prepping for life-changing internships or spectacular travel in the coming months, you can no longer avoid the summer job search grind. Here are five ideas to find a last-minute job and avoid being ‘fun-employed’ this summer.

Beef up your resumé: While this is fairly obvious, it’s always good to throw in a few “alternative experiences” to make your resumé shine. Attach a literal T-bone steak to your resumé. If all else fails, wow Human Resource departments with a wondrous description of your summer wrestling gators — because you’ve totally done that.

Look the part: Sweatpants and that shirt with the ambiguous stain on it may be appropriate attire to wear during the school year, but try to look the part to find your dream summer job. Maybe start wearing a full tuxedo to class. You want to be rich, right? Start dressing like it. You never know when an opportunity could appear.

Network: Get out there and pound the pavement. While it’s usually advisable to do this months in advance, there is something to be said about groveling at the last minute. Eventually they have to hire the person who shows up every day to ask for a job, right? Or you know, call the cops — either way, it shows dedication.

Utilize your contacts: Remember that person who you worked with on a group project who didn’t know their ass from their elbow? The one who showed up to the presentation half-baked? Yeah, that freeloader is now working a job where you want to work. Time to paint on a smile and give them a call. Principles are for people who have already found a summer job.

Look for different opportunities: Say screw it and take spring classes. Make up some BS about trying to get your degree done early. Now leave me alone, dad.
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