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Blaze it: U of C offers FILM 420 just in time for legalization

By Frankie Hart, September 3 2018 —

With the legalization of cannabis en route for October, the film department is introducing FILM 420: ‘Exploration of Stoner Cinema’ in time for students to legally access the full stoner experience.

Although some students certainly ‘toked’ in-class screenings before, it is now actively encouraged.

“Stoner movies are a solid subgenre and everyone knows weed enhances the cinematic experience,” explained course instructor D. Lebowski.

Students may bring their own “jazz cigarettes,” though bongs are discouraged due to breakability. Edibles fall in line with library food rules — nothing noisy or smelly.

“Pot chips are definitely banned. I should add that regular chips are banned too. I understand the munchies, but this is a film class. Have a little respect for the craft,” insisted Lebowski.

The course begins with stoner comedy staples such as Dude, Where’s My Car? and explores what separates a stoner flick from a film that simply features Seth Rogen. While some may not take this course seriously, Lebowski says there are many routes to explore in the intersection of cannabis and film.

Grading for the class relies solely on one essay in which students explain definitively whether Fight Club is more of an indica or sativa movie.

“Anyone who signs up for this class thinking it’s a joke has to understand how serious these issues are to internet forums,” Lebowski warned. “And if they disagree with my opinion, that’s an instant fail. I mean business.”

As legalization will be enacted Oct. 17, classes that would normally take place in September and early October will be transferred to weekends from mid-October onwards.

“The kids that take this class probably would’ve just been at home smoking weed and watching movies on Saturdays, anyway,” Lebowski explained.

For those intimidated by the weight of the Fight Club paper, Lebowski offers extra credit to students willing to clean crumbs and other trash leftover from screenings.

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