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Interview: Professor Tim Sinclair talks studying marine biology at University of Calgary

By Evan Lewis, October 25 2018 —

Tim Sinclair has been researching marine wildlife and teaching at the University of Calgary for the last 15 years. The Gauntlet sat down to talk with professor Sinclair about his job and why the field of marine biology has become increasingly important in Canada in recent years.

The Gauntlet: Tell us a bit about what you do here at the university.

Tim Sinclair: What? What university? Where am I? Is this a warehouse? These ropes are so tight. Please, I just remember leaving work and then it’s just a blur. Who are you? Why do you keep writing all this down? Stop writing!

Gauntlet: It sounds like teaching is a passion for you. What can students expect from your classes this semester?

Sinclair: What? No, my name is Ilia Hadzhiev. I’m not a teacher, I’m a dry cleaner. You’ve got the wrong person. Please, I’m the wrong person.

Oh God, is that blood on the floor? Oh God, please don’t hurt me, I don’t want to die.

Gauntlet: Your doctoral thesis was written on the effects of Vancouver shipyard pollution on green sturgeon crab off the coast and you’ve acted as a consultant for a number of shipping bylaws that have been written since. What has that experience been like?

Sinclair: I’m never going to see my family again, am I? I’m never going to hug Anka again. I’ll never see Nikolai graduate.

Gauntlet: Merging the scientific with the political can be a real challenge but you seem to have done it very well. Any tips for other scientists wanting to get involved with law-making?

Sinclair: You have so many knives on that desk. Blood is so dark when it dries like that. Why is that knife so curved? Why is it so rusted? No, please, don’t pick it up.

Gauntlet: And why is it important for everyone, not just marine biologists, to be aware of what’s going on in our oceans?

Sinclair: My father died like this in the war. I never thought my life would end like his. My mother wouldn’t have wanted me to die like him. Please, don’t hurt me. Please, please, plea- AAAAAAAAAIIIIIGGGH.

Gauntlet: Is there anything you want to add before we wrap up here? Any fun fish facts?

Sinclair: Oh God. I didn’t know there was so much blood in me.

Gauntlet: That’s a really interesting one! Well, we appreciate you giving us your time today. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you.

Interview edited for clarity and brevity. Happy Halloween!

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