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Illustration by Ramiro Bustamante Torres

FROSH Tarot Reading

By Ramiro Bustamante Torres, September 23 2022

A new year means new experiences and a new reading to give everyone an insight into what may come. The future is never certain but this is a warning of what may come — don’t fight it, work with it.

Page of Bottles

You may have heard of the page of cups but as a student, this is better represented by a water bottle. Having an emotional support water bottle with you will make classes and studying more bearable. This can also take the meaning of something new and unexpected occurring, like meeting new people. Take this card as a sign to make new friends and drink lots of water, obviously. 

Rex O’Saurus

This card relates to the Emperor card of the major arcana. Usually paired with authority, here we see it as Rex — the university’s mascot. As a mascot, Rex likes to raise the energy at sports events — as a student you gotta find that drive to do the things you need to do. Also like Rex, you need to shower and clean the mascot suit, nobody wants to smell B.O. at their 9 a.m. lecture.

Eight of Papers

The suit of papers, projects and thesis writing, beware of getting trapped by poor time management skills. University can be overwhelming especially if you don’t set boundaries and goals for yourself. You did enroll at the university to get a degree, this isn’t news to you, so find what works best for you before it gets too overwhelming. And remember that university can be fun amongst all midterms and finals.

It’s only three cards but they tell a story of starting a new year and making the most of it. If you’re a first-year student, know that it can be a lot at once but taking it a day at a time will help you tackle each challenge you will face.

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