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Four sex positions to try instead of missionary

By Adam Abstinence, February 18 2023

We’ve all heard about the pros and cons of missionary but it’s time to stop edging around the topic and venture out to the new. Give these positions a try next time you’re out and about.

Froggy style

In a variation of doggy style, the penetrating partner assumes their regular position but the penetrated partner is where things change. Instead of being on your hands and knees, take a frog position. This new angle can really switch things up between you and your partner. A croak or ribbit mid-session really adds to the experience if you’re into that.


A spin on another common position, this one involves adding a toy to a regular 69 session. As you and your partner position yourselves, place a yoga ball between you. This position works two-fold: you both receive pleasure while keeping your core activated for better results. Breaks are recommended.

The Farmer

This one is pretty self-explanatory. One partner is on all fours while the other one busts out the overalls and a stool and begins to “milk” them. It does not matter what genitalia you’re dealing with, it’s more of the motion and role-playing involved. For best results, perform this at sunrise. 

À la Ratatouille

Try taking face-sitting to the next level with this position. The concept behind this position is grabbing your partner’s hair to direct them at your leisure, based on a popular animated movie involving cooking and a rat. This creates a form of communication between you and your partner so your needs are met. Make sure your partner is okay with this before trying it out and don’t think too much about the movie lest you kill the mood. 

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