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Atheist already expert in religious studies class

By Saima Asad, February 7 2017 —

The University of Calgary’s religious studies department is offering a course on South Asian religion this semester. The material has already been met with some criticism by Larry O’Leary, a white male atheist and self-identified “religion expert.”

“The course does see a variety of students,” instructor Katerina Petrovna said. “Of course, we always have one atheist. You know who this student is the minute he walks in. He advertises it on his shirt and never actually has a question when he raises his hand.”

O’Leary enrolled in the course due to his bloated sense of superiority and keen interest in mocking religious minorities. However, several weeks into the semester, O’Leary said the class has not lived up to his expectations.

He said he is disappointed by the lack of intelligent debate in the class.

“I guess I should have expected that from all the oversensitive liberals in this course. You can’t even say ‘[redacted redacted] and [redacted] should all [redacted] their [redacted] mothers and [redacted redacted redacted]’ without someone getting offended these days.”

O’Leary said his attempts to engage in meaningful debate are often met negatively.

“One time, I very respectfully approached a Muslim girl after class to talk about Islam and she literally ran away crying,” O’Leary said.

Second-year student Adrianna Asker felt differently about the incident.

“Oh yeah, I remember that guy,” Asker said. “He came up to me and tried to rip my hijab off while screaming something about ‘freeing me from my oppression.’ What a prick.”

O’Leary said he expects to do incredibly well in the class because he has learned a lot about religion through comments on Reddit on
/r/altright and /r/RedPill.

O’Leary also said he is looking forward to his Women’s Studies class in the upcoming spring semester.

“I think that it will be a good place to bring up the issue of why there aren’t Men’s Studies classes offered at the U of C,” he said, en route to his colonial history class.

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