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SU Good Food Box provides fresh produce

By Kristy Koehler, October 23 2018 —

Fresh fruits and vegetables are now readily available on campus thanks to the Students’ Union’s Good Food Box. The SU’s Campus Food Bank is providing the boxes as an official depot for the Community Kitchen Program, an initiative that aims to provide people with access to fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables. Produce is purchased from local farmers and sellers, packed up in boxes by volunteers and delivered to depots across the city.

There are three sizes available. The small box contains 20 pounds of produce and costs $25, the medium contains 30 pounds  for $30 and the large box contains 40 pounds for $35.

Campus Food Bank co-ordinators Monique Dyson and Valerie Lennox both tout the value for dollars and convenience factor of the Good Food Box.

“I think it’s incredibly beneficial,” Lennox said. “Getting 40 pounds of produce  for $35 is a really good deal and for a lot of university students who don’t have a whole lot of extra spending money, it helps out a lot and gets you the nutrients that you need.”

“It’s convenient for students who live on residence,” said Dyson, adding that even the closest grocery store can be difficult for campus residents to access, especially when trying to haul a heavy load of fruits and vegetables home.

The SU doesn’t make any revenue from the program but provides their own volunteers to ensure that students have access to healthy food. They also purchase three small boxes from each order and provide them via lottery system to students who have accessed the food bank in the last order cycle.

Order deadlines and forms are available online on the Students’ Union website.

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