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The Top 5 Holiday-Themed Books for 2019

By Haskirat Grewal, December 10 2019 —

The holidays are a great time to read as you can cozy up in front of a fireplace while enjoying a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. Being a bookworm, I try to keep my eyes peeled for new books that I can read over my holiday break. Books are a great way to pass the time and can keep you company while you travel. It’ll come as no surprise that most holiday books center around romance, family and miracles! The holidays truly are a time to step back, reflect and enjoy a festive read. 

The Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory:

This contemporary romance book is a must-read for the holiday season. This is Guillory’s fourth book and can stand alone. Jasmine Guillory is a New York Times bestselling author. The Proposal and The Royal Holiday revolve around Vivian Forest — an untravelled woman. She gets the chance to go to England with her daughter and is swept up in a whirlwind romance. With romance being my favorite genre, I can’t wait to read this book!

Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella:

Sophie Kinsella is the author behind the Shopaholic series, which has ten books as of 2019. Confessions of a Shopaholic is a romantic comedy adapted from the first two books in the series. This was one of my favorite movies growing up. The storyline involves Becky Bloomwood and the challenges she faces when hosting Christmas for her family. She has a list of demands from her family alongside a surprise visit from an old boyfriend. There is mystery, suspense and romance. The ultimate trio!

10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston:

There are many of us who may have great blind date stories. Some of us may have even met a real partner while on a blind date. 10 Blind Dates is a book about Sophie’s romantic holiday. After being heartbroken, she visits her grandparents for Christmas, and they send her on blind dates. Amidst the chaos, Sophie’s old boyfriend shows up and she is faced with old feelings. Follow Sophie’s dates and read her final choice.  Ashley Elston’s new book has made a worldwide impression and has already been optioned for a movie! 

Let It Snow by Nancy Thayer:

Nancy Thayer has written 31 novels! If you like this book, you will love all her other novels. Let It Snow is about Antonioni — a toy shop owner who struggles to stay financially afloat. With the help of the landlord’s granddaughter and her very handsome uncle, Christina may just find love and discover a warm heart. Set in Nantucket, there is no better magical place for holiday romance. If you are a holiday romantic like me, then this book should be on your reading list! 

25 Days ‘til Christmas by Poppy Alexander:

Poppy Alexander’s first book revolves around Kate Potter. Kate used to love Christmas, but after a traumatic event, she has had a change of heart. But Kate still wants to plan the best Christmas for her son. During the novel, her path crosses with a man who is much more bitter than she. If you are feeling down this holiday season then this book may cheer you up. It is a feel-good story. If you’re looking for a deep, complex yet relatable book for the holiday season, then this is the one!

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