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Photo of Chloe Ting from one of her home-based workout videos. // Photo courtesy of YouTube.

HIIT: Hey! It’s time (to work out)

By May Domingo, September 29 2020—

#fitnessjourney and #workingout are a couple of the trending hashtags in 2020 — after #covid19, of course. Because of the pandemic, many of us are still working from home and are finding ways to beat cabin fever or boredom. I would recommend working out. 

Personally, I worked out a couple of times before the pandemic. It was only when I saw it becoming a trend on many social media platforms that I felt like starting again. As the doors of gyms and recreational centres closed, TikTok and YouTube were soon bombarded with fitness videos, most of which came from fitness influencer Chloe Ting.  

The name might ring a bell. Chloe Ting posts workout programs through her website. Her videos can be accessed on YouTube, but she can also be seen on almost all other social media platforms. She is currently running a series she calls: “Get Inspired #ChloeTingChallenge.”   

Most gyms and recreational centres are still closed due to restrictions so now is the best time to utilize your empty floor space.  

I recommend you try Chloe Ting’s workout programs because they definitely work, as can be seen in her “before/after result” videos.  

There are various other exercises you can do. Here are a few of them:

Cardio helps with losing excess fat fast. I would recommend you do some sort of cardio before starting another workout. It gets your heart pumping and your adrenaline flowing. Chloe Ting’s workout is a mix of cardio and other repetitive exercises.  

Strength training is about repetition and increasing weight. This is ideal if you want to gain some muscle mass or feel stronger. Dumbbells are beneficial for this type of exercise. But, you can utilize your body by doing push-ups, leg raises, mountain climbers, knee pull-ins and triceps dips. Alternatively, a full water bottle and textbooks can be used as weights.

Pilates is a great mix of low-impact flexibility and endurance exercises. I have done pilates for most of last year and it has helped with posture improvement, muscle toning and stress relieving.

If you have a treadmill, you already have your own personal endurance trainer. Try doing some interval training by running for two minutes and jogging for three minutes, alternating for a total of 30 minutes.   

Some people also do yoga to improve their flexibility and mental health. Its focus on breathing and slow movements allows the mind to relax and the body to stretch. This can be a great start to your day, and requires no equipment.  

No matter what kind of workouts you do, there is always that question of “When is the right time?” Chloe Ting made a video regarding this topic. Ultimately, she said to choose a time that works with your daily schedule. According to Heart.org, “the benefits of physical activity depend upon how consistent you are.” 

I used to work out at night because that was most convenient during school or work days. However, I found that working out early in the morning helped boost my energy for the rest of the day. I did not depend on coffee as much as I used to and I was able to finish all of my daily tasks, with time for more.  

There is no pressure to workout. But if you have some time, it would not hurt to start thinking about beginning your fitness journey. You never know where it will take you. Good luck!

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