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Tips for finding the perfect roommate

By Sebastian Vasquez Gutierrez, February 13 2020—

Looking for a roommate can be tricky since you will be living with a complete stranger knowing little to no information about them. Finding the right person to live with is already a long and challenging process with many aspects to take into account — not the least of which is the pandemic which means you have to be even more careful with the person you pick.

Here are some tips that will hopefully help you find the perfect roommate.

1. Priorities 

Before you start looking, try and set your priorities. What are you willing to change? What rules are you going to have? For example, are pets or smokers a deal-breaker? What about endless visitors? It’s important to figure out what works for you so you can set some rules from the get-go with your future roommate.

2. Patience

Not everyone has a lot of time on their hands to go through all of their options. Sometimes, you are in a hurry and need to find someone quickly. But especially in these times, it is essential to take your time, because a decision you make in a minute can negatively affect your future. So first, look at every option. There are many advertisements, webpages and applications out there. It’s effortless to just go with the easiest option, but that doesn’t mean it is the best way forward. Take your time to make the right decision.

3. Know what you need

Every person is looking for something different. Someone might be looking for a friend to hang out with or someone who is quiet and calm. So while looking for the right person, you have to know what type of person you want to be living with you.

4. Stability

It’s understandable if people are struggling financially in these times. Still, it’s important to know your possible roommate’s situation because running into money-related problems can be a delicate situation to bring up. But it is a conversation that needs to happen, since money will be a topic of conversation on many occasions.

5. Ask questions

Even if you are looking for someone quiet and not looking for a friendship, knowing your roommate can lead to a positive outcome in your living situation and a better understanding of any problems that could possibly appear while living together. Since the communication is already there, there is going to be less struggle in the future.

When getting to know one’s potential roommate, people tend to be afraid to ask certain questions because they might be too personal. Still, you have to remember that you will be living with that person for a possibly extended amount of time. Many issues are going to come up, so knowing what you are getting yourself into is a good idea.

With the pandemic, more questions need to be asked since other factors come up — like security and how your possible roommate and their circle are handling this situation. These last questions are more crucial at the moment since the decision can affect your life or a family member’s if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

At the end of the day, a lot goes into this decision and it is essential to know what you are looking for and really take your time in evaluating a potential roommate, since that person is someone you are going to be spending quite a lot of time with. With the right choice, they may even become a wonderful part of your life.

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