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Which McDonald’s mascot from the ’90s do the members of BTS transform into?

By Rachneet Randhawa, July 20 2021—

As many of you know, the fan craze behind the recently released BTS McDonald’s meal has been quite literally epic. With yes, the purple themed cup and limited edition Chicken McNuggets sauces — both Cajun and Sweet Chili — being sold as exclusives for upwards of hundreds of dollars. Last time we did a review of the BTS meal, and now we’re taking a deeper dive into the world of both BTS and McD’s. Let’s go! 

Imagine you find our superstar seven by taking a trip down the rabbit-hole in Mcdonaldland. Where do we find our talented superstars? Well, it seems they have been miraculously transformed into our beloved Mcdonald’s throwback characters from the ‘90s. So it seems our Bangatan Boys have become our beloved McDonald’s characters. What becomes of their fates? Why have they been magically transported to this otherworldly dimension full of Big Mac burgers galore, scrumptious french fries and tasty sundaes? Their ultimate goal — to find the treasures of Hotter, Sweeter, Cooler and of course Butter! 

Ronald McDonald: RM

Much like Ronald McDonald, RM is the motivational ringleader of the colourful crew with his classy and signature style and bold smile. His purpose is to take the chart-topping boy band to new heights especially when times are tough. His ambition and dedication shine through for his bandmates.

Mayor McCheese: Jin

As the eldest, we have JIN as Mayor McCheese. Aside from his adventures as a foodie aficionado, his photogenic presence and dashing good looks demands order and of course your adoration. His purpose is not only to play the big brother for the rest of the members, but to cement everybody’s harmony and musical tune together.

Captain Crook: Suga

Next we have our resident rapper Suga — a.k.a. Captain Crook — who isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers by dropping hot freestyle verses. His purpose is to shed light on marginalized voices as he personally supports controversial and underrepresented issues like mental health, LGBTQIA+ issues and poverty.

Birdie the Early Bird: J-Hope

Then there’s J-Hope, our coveted sunshine angel. Birdie the Early Bird never gives up and will turn you frown upside down with his smooth dance moves, because let’s face it — he’s only for the new-age dreamers. His purpose as the cheerleader is to set the mood for the other members and set the bar in all areas of musicianship

Hamburglar: Jimin

Up next we have JIMIN who, much like the Hamburglar, will literally steal your hearts (and hamburgers galore). With his strong stage presence and poshness abound he will captivate pretty much everybody. His purpose with his glossy and slick style is good and all, but check this — turns out he’s a total sweetheart and one of the caring and affectionate members.

Grimace: V

Moreover, we have V with his outgoing personality. He’s so much like Grimace as he becomes friends with anyone he meets with his fun and laid back personality. And as an underdog, he possesses a deep and soulful voice. His purpose is to genuinely reach out to the craziness of the ARMY fandom and all admirers alike.

Fry Kids: Jungkook

And last but definitely not least we have the jack of all trades and kid rock of them all Jungkook as Fry Kids. Being the youngest is much like the Fry kids so enthusiastic in taking on all roles everything and anything. He is open to exploring the possibilities with his enthusiastic presence as a generalist, soaks up every role on the dream team and possesses multiple abilities like being athletic and artistic. His purpose is to keep BTS as a pop culture phenomenon relevant and fresh with his can-do attitude.

For each pairing we see the leader RM has become Ronald McDonald, Jin, our vocalist, has evolved into Mayor McCheese, our smooth verse rapper Suga has unfolded into Captain Crook, our source of light and dancer J-Hope has emerged as Birdie the Early Bird oh so full of joy, our lead singer has grown into Hamburgler slick and stylish and beyond and our lead dancer — much like his signature expression — has blanked out like Grimace and someone with hidden potential.

So there you have it. Never have I ever seen BTS transform into the classic McDonald’s characters overnight. I guess there’s a first for everything! Now each with their own unique personality and attributes, this was a match made in K-Pop and boy band heaven.

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