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Habits to make 2022 phenomenal

By Emma Wills, January 21 2022—

It’s 2022 and this brand-new year will be fantastic for you. To make it better, try taking up three new habits that are guaranteed to improve your life. Add them to your routine to help you start 2022 on a positive note.  

Making time for family and friends:

Amid a new semester, it’s easy to get busy with life as a student and forget to make time for the people you love — but it’s 2022 now and we’re doing things differently this year. With the power of technology, you can spend quality time with your family and friends, even if they’re miles away.

However, FaceTime and phone calls can start to feel a little repetitive. Make spending time with your loved ones more engaging by setting up a monthly Netflix party or Kahoot night. Even loved ones with less technological experience will be happy to join in and it will feel great spending some time together having fun.

If many people in your circle don’t usually play games themselves, you could stream a few rounds of Among Us on discord for everyone to watch while chatting and catching up with each other. There’s nothing that will bring more laughs than seeing a loved one manage to outsmart the imposter. 

Getting organized:  

It’s easier said than done but once you have the semester or even the upcoming month planned out, you’ll have a better chance of a productive and positive 2022. By organizing your life, you avoid last-minute panic about responsibilities or deadlines.

A great way to help yourself get into this habit is by using to-do lists or the calendar in your phone. Make use of alerts to ensure plenty of time to look over your notes before that quiz. If you’re more of a visual person, invest in a whiteboard for your study space where you write down tests, assignments and other important dates you need to remember.

It may feel like a daunting task to start but once you get into the habit of writing down your to-do list, it will become second nature, automatically reducing mental clutter while increasing your sense of calm.  

Managing stress:  

No one is perfect and that’s okay. It’s important to recognize that even when you try your absolute best, sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s just a part of being human. Instead of being upset with yourself, try to let that stress go and forgive yourself. Remember, everyone has had a tricky test or a difficult semester.

Instead of staying down, take a deep breath and remember it’s normal to feel stressed out sometimes. You can’t change the past by being hard on yourself and you can’t change tomorrow by worrying. When you’re feeling too much stress, try taking a break to do something relaxing.

Maybe for you, that’s watching your favourite tv show or listening to music. Most importantly, try to remember that taking care of yourself with healthy habits reinforces compassionate self-resilience. You’re the best steward of your own mental health. And never forget — talking it out with friends who understand what you’re going through is always helpful.  

The best way to incorporate these habits into your routine is by taking it one step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to long-lasting change, so when starting off try to incorporate one of these habits each week to make these changes more manageable.

Using this schedule, in less than a month you can have all these life skills completely mastered. By applying these helpful three habits, you’re sure to have a great 2022. 

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