2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

2022 SU election poster critique

By Ramiro Bustamante Torres, March 10 2022—

With all the uncontested positions, it feels like this year many candidates lack the motivation to make their image enticing. Don’t worry, our expert humour team at the Gauntlet was able to critique this years’ posters.

Nicole Schmidt:

Photo of Nicole Schmidt’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

It’s giving “I’m not like other presidents” even though she’s uncontested.

Shaziah Jinnah:

Photo of Shaziah Jinnha’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

This looks like the prep courses ads where you pay a few hundred to feel even more confused.

Adrian Alcanatara:

Photo of Adrian Alcantara’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

The Gold Experience? Is that going to be an extra fee on my tuition?

Matthew Herring:

Photo of Matthew Herring’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

I want to know if he finished paying his debt to Tom Nook before voting.

Harold Zhu:

Photo of Harold Zhu’s campaign poster by Megan Koch
Photo by Megan Koch

WOW! Harold’s little sister did an amazing job! Did he forget that this wasn’t the grade 6 Science Fair? 

Taimur Akhtar:

Photo of Taimur Akhtar’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

This is the type of guy that loses marks for not being concise. “In this essay he will…”

Sandra Amin:

Photo of Sandra Amin’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

If you couldn’t tell, the brain is there because she’s in science. If she doesn’t win the election, she’ll definitely win the position for the candidate with the most election poster buzzwords. 

Pragya Chopra:

Photo of Pragya Chopra’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

A science rep by day, a smooth Jazz singer by night. Chopra looks like she snaps instead of claps during class presentations. 

Nathaniel Tschupruk: 

Photo of Nathaniel Tschupruk’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

I can’t explain it but this gives me Bee Movie (2007) vibes. The vibes are of a baseball stadium hot dog stand — oddly, that is comforting.  

Arafatul Mamur:

Photo of Arafatul Mamur’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

Walked past this and thought there was a sale somewhere.

Reeana Tazreean:

This reads like the French Revolution motto but it lacks the excitement of storming the Bastille.

Shubh Patel:

You can use the mirror to do a quick makeup check or to see if your mask is upside down.

Siraaj Shah:

Photo of Siraaj Shah’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

Yes king! Give us nothing!

Navid Ghaderi:

Photo of Navid Ghaderi’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

We are begging people to get a creative director to make their posters stand out. If this poster were a spice, it would be flour.

Daniel Fine:

Photo of Daniel Fine’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

His facial expressions are very much saying “this is not fine, I am screaming inside.”

Rafael Sanguinetti:

Rafael Sanguinetti’s campaign poster by Megan Koch

Did he make this on PowerPoint? It feels like he did.

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