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Six Wordle-adjacent online games you should try

By Ava Zardynezhad, April 8 2022—

I think at this point, it’s safe to assume that we’ve all heard about Wordle. It’s funny how five letters and six little words can make or break your day. But, if you have a masochistic streak like I do, you might have searched the web for similar games. Well, look no further. Here are the top six guessing games on the internet you can play in the 24 hours you spend waiting for your next Wordle puzzle. 


This one’s for the music lovers. Do you consider yourself a person of superior musical taste? Do you know every song? Do you judge mere mortals for their lack of musical knowledge and expertise? Well, put your ego to test with Heardle. Everyday, you get a new song and six guesses. You have up to 16 seconds to guess the name and artist of the song. Your claim to mastery will only be validated if you guess the song within the first second, however. 


Potty-mouths of the world, rejoice. Do you have a colourful vocabulary of curse words? Do you want to put your bawdiness to the test? This game is for you. With Lewdle, you get six, six-letter words to guess the right cuss. This game has a few novel functions. You can play a clean version of the game in Sheltered Mode or guess five-letter words in Ghost Guesses, but using either of these options will cost you lewdness points. Lewdle will also provide you with hints if you’re stuck. 


Is this a mouthful or what? This one is for all geography keeners out there. Everyday, you get a geographical figure of a territory off a map and six guesses to name it. The great thing about it? It could actually be a pretty decent study tool. 

Lordle of the Rings:

Yes, you read that right. Five letters, six words and everything Tolkien. You think you can one-up the “obscure Lord of the Rings facts” guy on TikTok? Well, what are you waiting for?


Oh, my human calculator friends, I haven’t forgotten about you. This is basically like Wordle, but instead of a word, you’re going to be guessing calculations or equations. This one is a little difficult because sometimes the order of your numbers doesn’t matter. As long as you remember your BEDMAS, you should be A-Okay. 


Last but certainly not least, we have Semantle — the evil to end all evils. Some of y’all out there are playing Absurdle thinking you have it bad. Let me introduce you to Semantle. 

I was in the blissful world of doing one Wordle per day when a friend of mine turned my life upside-down by introducing me to this game. When I tell you this is the internet word-game equivalent of crack, please do not take my analogy lightly. With Semantle, you get unlimited guesses. But, there is a catch — you have to guess the right word based on semantics. 

This is basically a massive word-correlation game where you can get from “pizza” to “socialism” in the span of 10 guesses. I have come very close to putting my fist through drywall playing this game, so please tread carefully. 

There you have it, folks! May your days be filled with quirky little online games until we move on to the next big thing.

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