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Top 10 questionable TikTok trends 

By Rodrigo Verney, July 14 2022

Disclaimer: This article discusses a few TikTok challenges that can be very dangerous, please do not attempt them.

TikTok became a global brand with one of the most recognizable logos in recent history. It started as a social media platform that had its sight on teens, but rapidly conquered every demographic in the market. Content will be constantly generated thanks to its wide reach of audiences and creators. With this stupendous amount of people trying to get their voices out there for the world to see, we were bound to stumble upon some questionable content. 

For every funny trend like the adult swim challenge, we have a barrage of questionable trends. I have compiled 10 of the weirdest and downright criminal trends, and ranked each one to definitively represent the top 10 weirdest TikTok viral trends — as of now. 

10. Hit or miss challenge 

This is the tamest challenge on the list. Remember that Mia Khalifa diss song? Well, it made a comeback of sorts. Basically, in that song, there was the famous line, “Hit or miss? I guess they never miss, huh?” This challenge consists of screaming the “Hit or miss” line in a public space to see if people will complete it. It’s just a public nuisance that will make a lot of people mentally judge you for the inconvenience.

9. Kiss your best friend challenge

The name speaks for itself. Another challenge clearly created by the hot trust-fund TikTok people. I mean, why? It will open up some conversations that have the potential to ruin that good vibe you have with your best friend forever. If you don’t get rejected on the spot, you’re asking for the “Can I tell you something?” conversation.

8. Ridiculous names prank challenge

We all know that hilarious interaction in which a bunch of early teens give an awkward name instead of their real name for their Starbucks order, just so that the barista has to scream something goofy. Oh, wait…It isn’t funny,. It’s just really annoying to everyone involved, right? No way, all of my 13-year-old friends love this joke

7. Singing order challenge 

Some people can pull this off. However — heavy emphasis on however — some people try to build a niche around this challenge. If I had to stand there during my shift with a fake smile while you hold up a drive-thru line because you’re singing your order for like two minutes, I’d be pissed. I would slam the drive-thru window if anyone tried to film me. 

6. The cereal challenge

What are we doing here guys. A challenge consisting of eating cereal out of the mouth of another person. Once again, it might be funny for the 30 seconds it took to film it, but unfortunately, there is bound to be a moment in which the camera will stop recording and you will have to stare that human bowl in the face and wonder if you reached peak stupidity. 

5. Teeth shaving trend

Misinformation and trying to look good — the perfect combination! In this trend, you file your teeth with a nail file in order to get them to look the same. This is super dangerous and wrong since this can lead to severe problems in digestion and strike nerves with the teeth that connect directly to the brain. 

4. Cha cha challenge

This challenge may seem like a wholesome idea at first. How can a challenge with the “Cha Cha Slide” song be bad? Well, what if you tried to do the dance while driving. As if people weren’t reckless enough.

3. Penny challenge 

This is just arson. Insert a coin in the exposed prongs of a charger halfway through the wall and “watch the sparks fly” — as if that would actually happen. In the real world, this stunt will ignite an electrical house fire, which is one of the worst fires to put out.

2. The Jello Straw challenge

This challenge is just choking. You get a jelly straw and suck it in to try and balance it in your throat. The problem arises once you realize that you, in fact, are not indestructible and may very well choke to death on it. 

  1. Brighter eye challenge

At the top of the list lies one of the most horrible trends the world has ever seen. This challenge has some preparation to it. In order to brighten your eye colour, you put a mixture of bleach, hand sanitizer, jelly, and shaving cream into a bag and then hold the bag to your eye to bathe it in the gases that will emerge from it. The result should brighten your iris’ colour. Needless to say, this isn’t what happens one bit. Instead, the fumes that brew from this mixture will most likely give you an eye infection. This happened to some people that attempted the challenge. Sadly, the worst-case scenario is blindness. Hopefully, it was enough to discourage you from attempting this challenge, as I think you might regret it.  

We all want to become a viral sensation in this media age in which one video could be the key to unlocking many opportunities. However, this viral dream is full of unforeseeable consequences. The goal of achieving online notoriety through trends will come with a cost we are not prepared for. So prior to pressing the record button, take a deep breath and ask yourself. “Does this puts me or others in an uncomfortable or harmful position?” If the answer is yes then reconsidering what you are about to do will surely save you a lot of trouble in the future.

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