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Navigating MyUofC Portal for dummies

By Jillian Cung, September 15 2022

MyUofC portal is one of the first tools you learn to use at the University of Calgary. From registering for classes to paying tuition to looking at your academic requirements — you will be sure to use the portal for your entire U of C experience. Here is a breakdown of how to navigate this unnecessarily confusing tool. 

The Home section tells you your enrollment time and course selection tools like adding, dropping and swapping courses — which is important as your add/drop deadline approaches. My Application informs you about your current application status. You will not use this too often unless you decide to change programs — which there is nothing wrong with. My Service Requests addresses issues like payments, financial support, course registration and appeals, and changes to personal information. Don’t be afraid to use the portal’s tools — they are there to help facilitate your needs.

Personal Info has basic information that can update your residence status, social insurance number or other personal information like your preferred name. Exams and Grades provide you with your final exam schedule, deferred exam application, final grades and transcripts. Program and Advising Info can be used as a helpful guide for your current program or if you want to make changes to it like adding a major or minor — or changing degree paths. Unsure if you are taking the right courses for your degree? No problem. First, select Program and Advising Info and then use Academics Report as a general guide to understand what courses you can take to satisfy different degree requirements. 

Financials address all things relating to money; tax forms, receipts, refund requests, payment plans and awards applications. University is expensive — what fees are optional? Students can opt-out of student donations, as well as health and dental insurance as long as you can prove you have another insurance provider. In the Financials section, under Account Activity, students can find “Student Donation Opt-Out” and “Health & Dental Opt-Out.”

Course selection can also be overwhelming, especially for new students. Using the Course Search function and Schedule Builder take that stress off your shoulders and are also found in the Home section. For students who are interested in finding courses that are offered during Block Week, it’s easier to use Course Search. First, choose what term you would like to do Block Week in. Typically this is the week before the Fall or Winter semester starts. Additionally, if you are interested in fully online courses, you can find “Mode of Instruction” and choose “Web-based Instruction” in “Additional Criteria.” 

While this is a lot of information to take in, hopefully this breakdown of MyUofC portal can help some of you swiftly navigate it. To log in to the portal, visit the My UCalgary Central Authentication Service website.

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