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FROSH 2023: Easy A+ Class Options

By Sylvia Lopez, September 5 2023—

Starting fresh within the university lifestyle can be difficult, and a new set of courses piled up at once can send anyone into a spiral. And it’s no help that you’re welcomed into an overwhelming environment that’s not easy to get used to. That’s why it’s important to have a set of courses that are fun, yet able to give you a helpful GPA boost when needed.

FILM 201

Whether you geek out over cinema or not, FILM 201 is an easy-going and fun introductory course that teaches students the importance of film. You get to explore the basics of cinematography while also diving into iconic movies that are always a thrill to watch. From the golden age of cinema to modern day creations, this class explores all the pivotal moments film has been through and shows how advanced cinematography has become.

PSYC 203

Psychology overall is a resourceful and important sub-category in science that explores the minds of individuals. PSYC 203 is the perfect introductory course that condenses all this information to a beginner’s level. Taking this class will not only surprise you with interesting facts about others, but you’ll also learn new stuff about yourself, realizing that you’re a little more delusional than you thought you were. 

ARHI 201

Art is incredible in itself, but diving into the history of ancient creations and wonderful architecture takes the experience a step further. ARHI 201 encourages students to study art instead of simply viewing it, and this process opens a wide range of unique perspectives. You will gain an insight into historical events that shaped these artworks, making the experience anything but boring.

RELS 200

Beliefs and mythology vary from person to person because of the many religious systems that exist within our society. RELS 200 is an eye-opening and knowledgeable course that teaches students the variety of mythological traditions within religions, as well as an insight into the many values people either share or differ from.

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