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Graphic by Daman Singh

FROSH 2023: Back 2 School Mixtape

By Daman Singh, September 6 2023—

The music in your playlists will set the energy for your first anxiety-ridden commute to the university. So why not a curated collection from my personal favourites to help you ease your way into your first week of classes or give you a major headache. Whatever it does, I’m certain it encompasses the university experience in its sanest form. I promise you, there was a vision with this collection. The full mixtape can be opened on Spotify.

“The Dark Side” — Muse

Bellamy sets the stage for not only my vision to make an audio canvas of this magazine, but he also sets the stage for how university feels. What better than “Break me out, set me free” to start your day off, set yourself free from the shackles of your biggest enemy– being sleepy.

“The Ultracheese” — Arctic Monkeys

You’ve made it through one major chapter in your life and you’re welcoming another one. The dawn may not stop weighing a ton but this is the perfect song to sit down, have a cup of a drink of your choice and reminisce over your old friends and accept the change. Welcome to university.


Lyrically, this song encapsulated how I felt about my first class here and still do. “Leagues of social climbers are abound” (business majors, ugh) and be ready to fight your way through the herds of them. 

“Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus” — The Strokes

“I want new friends but they don’t want me” is the one lyric that stays in my head rent-free, this song makes me feel heard and validated for my first semester friends not actually even being in my contacts anymore. Oh and, the 80s song that said, “This is the beginning of the best years”, wasn’t entirely wrong.

“QYURRYUS” — The Voidz

I’ve no reason to put this one in except that it’s the right kind of noise to get you going through your commute. Speaking from experience, don’t put it on the aux unless you’re ready to get a few glares.

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