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Green thumbs up for an indoor spring

By Tori Taylor, March 12 2020 —

We all know that spring is not so much a thing here in Calgary. Some of us have lived in other places where spring thrives with tulips, singing robins and warm rain showers.  It makes Calgarian spring truly dismal. But don’t despair — you can create your own spring inside by collecting plants to line the windowsills and brighten the corners of your home.

Having plants in indoor spaces has been studied for a long time with very conclusive results. Plants boost your mood and productivity levels. They can promote more creativity and better concentration levels. Keeping plants in your home can help reduce stress levels and improve your immunity. The more plants, the merrier. Indoor greenery cleans the air in your home by absorbing toxins and produces fresh oxygen. 

Succulents are amazing. They are hard to kill and last for a long time with very little care.

Here are a few plant types that you might want to try out in a dark office space, stale rooms or beside your bed.

Spider plants:

These spindly plants have been studied and shown to remove 95 per cent of formaldehyde in the air of your home. They improve oxygen levels and remove carbon dioxide while removing carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. These plants are hard to kill and pretty to look at. 


This is a very low key plant to own and requires the minimum level of effort to keep alive. It can grow upwards of nine feet. Ficuses filter out harmful toxins and add color to a dull space. These plants can be kept in your house during the colder months but can be placed outside during the summer without dying — most plants do not thrive with a move from inside to outside. 

Snake Plant:

This is a beautiful plant to own. It snakes upwards with thick patterned leaves. Snake plants are great for people with allergies because they add moisture to the air and release higher levels of oxygen than others. This is good for people with sinus issues or weaker lungs. Snake plants are almost impossible to kill and require almost no care at all.

Aloe Vera:

This is one of my favourite plants because of all the amazing benefits and desert cactus-y vibes. Aloe vera gel is a natural anti-oxidant and improves several skin conditions — like dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, acne and burns.  Aloe plants do require more attention than other plants but they are worth the investment. They need to be in direct sunlight and have ample time to dry out between each watering. Look into the specific instructions for this plant in order to keep it happy and alive.

When it comes to selecting plants for your home, it’s totally your call. All plants have benefits and add life to bland areas. If you’ve ever felt like your space is stale or drab — head to Walmart, Home Depot, Canadian Tire or a local plant shoppe. 

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