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Four tips to proactively manifest your goals

By Andrea Silva Santisteban Fort, June 16 2021—

With this article, I want to give you a few tricks to help you proactively manifest your goals. I know that the subjects of manifestation and spirituality can be a bit esoteric and misunderstood but please read this with an open mind. Even if you do not agree with exactly everything I say, you can give your personal twist to these ideas and benefit from them.

1. Be aligned with your goals:

If you heard about the law of attraction, you probably know of the principle: “You attract what you put out.” If you are a positive person who always sees the glass half full, you are putting out good energy into the world. The universe will return this positive energy by providing you with “good” circumstances. This is related to the law of vibration — according to this principle, your desires are in different levels of vibrations that can go as low as fear and shame and can reach as high as enlightenment and peace.

If you are, for example, trying to manifest new friendships and seek the joy that comes from them, then you need to align yourself with that level of energy. In doing so you become a joyful person who is seeking to align with more happy people. Think of it this way, would people come close to a person who seems joyful and kind or would they hangout with someone who seems upset and mean? This also refers to the place your goals and desires come from and how you approach them. There is a massive difference between a goal that is created on self-criticism vibration– and one that is originated on hope and self-improvement.

The way you view yourself and your goals will determine how  easy it will be for you to reach them. Now, I know sometimes you may not always get what you deserve. Sometimes life is unfair, and it feels like the law of attraction is not accurate. But I think that, even under these circumstances, positive thinking can be a powerful tool that can set you up for success and a happier life.

2. Visualize the end result:

An effective strategy to stay motivated in the pursuit of your goals, is to envision yourself with the result. If you are seeking to better your resistance in running, imagine yourself finishing that race you plan to do. If your goal is getting into grad school, visualize yourself reading the acceptance letter. What do you imagine it will say? How are you going to feel when you read it? Visualization can be a tool not only to stay motivated, but also is a powerful  manifestation.

Athletes also use this, envisioning themselves playing with certain techniques and abilities, while some students can visualize themselves performing an exam with stillness. What we see is powerful and images can be a tool to motivate yourself. Putting up pictures of your dream holiday or house can be a good source of motivation when saving money. Always remind yourself what you are working towards. It can also be useful to reflect on why you want to achieve your goals. What feeling are you seeking? A strong “why” can be powerful in the path of achieving your goals.

3. Detach from your goals:

With this tip, I want to emphasize the importance of letting go. If you are a person who stresses easily, it can be easy for you to obsess with your goals. This can be especially so when it is about a goal that is not fully under your control. For example, you can apply to multiple jobs, have a strong CV and practice interview behavior, but at the end of the day, you never know what is going to happen. This is mainly because the result is not completely up to you. In this situation it can be really easy to obsess about it and check your email everyday. But here is the thing — you are giving the wrong message to the universe if you do so. When you obsess about it, you are acting like it is not yours, you do not have it and you need to chase it.

Being a driven person is great but the line between desire and obsession can be thin. This is why it is crucial to enjoy the process and seek joy in it. Sometimes we only focus on the goal, not realizing that as soon as we accomplish it, we will move on to the next objective or desire. It does not provide long term happiness. Instead, if we seek to enjoy the present moment then we will be able to remain in a feeling of contentment. If we only focus on the future we will forget to live the present moment.

A lot of students, for example, are too stressed out about grades to the point where that’s all they care about. I have been in courses, where participation was an important component of the grade. This created a situation during the lectures where I was more focused on raising my hand and saying something, than actually listening to the material taught. This made the whole experience of the course unenjoyable, so learn from my mistake and be conscious of your thoughts. What is meant to be yours will find its way.

4. Take action:

This is where being proactive comes into play. It is not useful to only think about your goals and desires, you need to act on them. Be confident in your capacity to achieve your goals and be your main advocate. I think the main thing you can do to help yourself in this process is to make a plan. Time can be a scarce resource but setting priorities, making realistic goals and forming schedules can be a crucial step to achieve your objectives.

With this I want to add and emphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. In my country there is a popular saying: “Dime con quién te juntas y te diré quién eres” — tell me who you hang out with, and I will tell you who you are. The people who you surround yourself with are important. A negative environment can be extremely detrimental, so surround yourself with uplifting people and you will see the impact this can have on your life. 

I hope these tips will help you on your way to achieving your goals! Many times we believe that it is absolutely necessary for certain external circumstances to change. However, I believe that recalibrating our perspective and being aware of our thoughts may be the most important factor of all.

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