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What kind of clubs are out there?

By Sheroog Kubur, September 16 2022

Making friends in university can be difficult but being able to join a club of people who have similar interests makes the process much easier. Here are a several of the clubs available on campus. A full list is available on the SU clubs website that includes contact information and how to get involved!

Cultural or Religious Groups

Are you looking to find an ethnic or religious community? Luckily, the university has dozens of clubs that are designed to foster community in something familiar. Here’s some of them: 

  • African-Caribbean Students’ Association 
  • Filipino Students’ Association
  • Indian Students’ Association 
  • Sikh Students’ Association 
  • Muslim Students’ Association 
  • Chinese Students’ Society
  • Witches & Pagans Club
  • Vietnamese Students’ Association
  • Taiwanese Students’ Association
  • Brazilian Student Association
  • Indian Students Association
  • Pakistani Students Society
  • Chinese Conversation Club
  • LoveWorld Campus Ministry
  • Malayalee Students Association
  • Polish Students’ Club
  • Sri Lankan Students Association

Niche interests

Whether it be table-top gaming or taking long walks on tall mountains, you’re bound to find other people who share that interest. Here are some niche interest clubs:

  • UCalgary Fashion Network
  • University of Calgary Chess Club 
  • The Anime Club
  • Dungeons & Dragons Club
  • Fantasy Fanatics
  • Game Design Club 
  • UofC Improv Club
  • K-Pop Learn It Together 
  • Musical Theatre Club
  • Origami Aid
  • UofC Outdoor Adventures UC Baking Club
  • UofC League of Legends Club
  • UofC Crash Course Club
  • Firearms Association
  • UC Cricket Association
  • UofC Film Society
  • UofC Ski and Board Club

Volunteering or Activism 

Being able to feel like you’re making a change can be hard when you spend so much time doing assignments, but joining a volunteering-focused club is a surefire ticket to keeping yourself accountable about your communal contributions. Here are some clubs to do just that:

  • AR (Anti-Racism) Movement 
  • BackUp YYC
  • Wildlife Conservation Club
  • Unity Arts Society
  • Stars for Scholarly Youth
  • Pangaea: Connecting Humanity
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Community Garden Club 
  • Code the Change YYC

With over 300 clubs available, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the community that’s right for you. Don’t limit yourself either — have fun and try some out!

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