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Do’s and don’ts on campus

By Vipasha Paul and Ramiro Bustamante Torres, September 15 2022

With many first-year students coming to campus and even some second- and third-years who haven’t had a chance to learn proper etiquette for being around so many new adults, we have compiled a list of the major things you need to know and avoid.

Do make enemies

The most obvious thing is to make friends but why have friends when you can have a slightly unhealthy competition with someone else? This way, you will never run out of motivation because you would rather see yourself come out on top than have your enemy gloat.

Do give yourself enough time between classes

Unless you want to elbow through molasses-paced crowds, bust noisily into the classroom out-of-breath and find a seat in a hall of people staring at you, give yourself some time and try to find shorter routes.

Do explore the campus when you get a chance, especially look for a good bathroom

No one likes running around the hallways when you really have to go and end up in a lineup or a disgusting bathroom. 

Do bring a pencil to class

Asking others for a basic writing tool makes you look ill-prepared and unruly. It also lessens your chance of gaining an academically-inclined class buddy. People don’t tend to trust their notes to the person who didn’t bring a pencil to the first day of class. 

Don’t bring nasty, smelly food to campus

There’s no need for people to suffer the stench of the boiled eggs your mom packed you for lunch. If it can’t be helped, it’s recommended you don’t open your tupperware in a highly populated area. Keep the odour to yourself, please and thank you. 

Don’t trash other people’s majors

It’s surprising how common this is. Making fun of other people’s career paths doesn’t make you look superior, it really just makes you look like an annoying, closed-minded idiot. Don’t be an idiot. 

Don’t stick your arm inside the Zipper

For those who don’t know, an engineer had tested their luck in the past and got a broken arm in return by sticking their arm inside the Zipper. Just don’t do it, we don’t need a repeat of that accident. Spin responsibly. 

Don’t sit in the hallway between MacEwan Hall and Science B

If you sit there with your feet sticking out in the hallway, expect your legs to be broken by a horde of angry people. 

Last, but of course not least, do make the most out of all the university resources and events that are available to you, and don’t miss out on any potential opportunities. Stay curious and good luck.


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