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FROSH 2023: How to use MyUCalgary

By Sheroog Kubur, September 5 2023—

MyUCalgary is the hub for everything you need to know as a student. It contains all of the essential logistical information to make your university experience as painless as possible. Here are the most important features in the hub and how you can use them. 

My Financials 

This is where you go to figure out how much the university is robbing you of for the year. It’s broken down by year and then semester, but the most important numbers are related to the cost per semester. There’s also a breakdown of why you’re paying that amount underneath, including costs like the UPASS and tuition itself. 

This is also where you can apply for scholarships. They make it easy by only showing you the scholarships you qualify for. Apply for all of them. Every last one. 

Program and Advising Info

This portal contains everything about your degree stream, including majors, minors and years. The most useful but simultaneously confusing part is the academic requirements report, which is a complete breakdown of the number of credits and courses you need to graduate. It’s confusing to navigate, but with a paper and pencil handy you’ll be able to plan your degree path — assuming you get into the classes you need to. 

This is also where you can submit a change of program request or a What-If request — a hypothetical academic requirements report if you were to take a different path. This is especially helpful if you’re considering a double major or adding a minor to your degree because it tells you exactly what would need to be done. 

Exams and Grades 

Aptly named, this portal contains your exam dates and grades. While most exams won’t be scheduled until a couple of weeks before exam season starts, this is the place to figure out exactly where, when and for which class the exam will be. If you scroll down, you’ll also find your final grades for each class for each academic year and your GPA for each semester. That section will stay blank until your professors upload the grades, but it’s fun to eagerly check it every single day once your exams are over.

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