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FROSH 2023: Finding study spaces on campus

By Eula Mengullo, September 5 2023—

Locating the ideal study spaces on campus can be a challenge. Trying to curate the perfect study environment for midterms, finals or group work sessions requires hunting down spots that are most ideal for your purposes. Here, I’ve narrowed down some choices that you can check out as you familiarize yourself with the campus. 

Administration building (a.k.a. the Atrium)

Do you like being surrounded by nature while you hit the books? This is the perfect spot for you. Although I would note a fair warning that this is also a popular spot for people to socialize so it is almost always buzzing with conversations. But if you have envy-worthy concentration skills, be my guest. 

Hunter Commons 

The new Hunter Commons Building has been a popular choice since its inception last year. Although it can get quite loud and busy on the ground floor, the upper floors are somewhat more serene. Located just across the Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL), this is a go-to spot in case the quiet floors are at capacity, which is almost always the case during finals season. 

EEEL Building

One of my favourite new-found spaces as a freshie was the EEEL building. Located across ICT, it has stairs similar to the one in the Engineering building, except I find this one much quieter as there is only one lecture hall on the ground floor. Depending on the time of day, it can be an ideal space if you’re looking for a quiet spot.

Mathison Hall 

If there is anything I find enviable about business students, it’s their new building. Mathison Hall is a great location with huge glass windows that gives way to natural lighting. The bright and spacious building offers a great atmosphere for either individual or group study sessions. 


And of course, the classic. For serious, solitary study sessions, floors four to six are your safe haven filled with the quiet, but stirring of minds. 

With that said, for the love of everything that is holy, please refrain from chit-chats if you happen to be on these floors — floors one to three offer plenty of space for those who want to catch up or study with friends. 

Bonus: the Nickle Galleries on the ground floor offer an effective way of winding down after an intense study session.

These are just some of the many learning spots worth checking out as you navigate around campus. Happy studying!

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