Opinions & Features Workshop (Oct 26th)

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Poor planning revealed in the abrupt shift to online learning

By Nimra Amir, September 16 2021—

I, like many other students, was disheartened to learn that most of my courses had been shifted last week from in-person to online. This change in delivery was a sudden decision made — without … Read the rest

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The Cookout: Swimming in racism

By Grace Kabengele, September 16 2021—

The stereotypical belief that Black and African people cannot swim has been around for generations. This has been bolstered by racialized scientific explanations such as “our muscles don’t twitch at the right speed,” “our … Read the rest


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GlobalFest 2021: Part two — firecrackers in the Calgary night sky

By Rachneet Randhawa, September 15 2021—

GlobalFest once more put on a dazzling display of fireworks alongside showcasing multicultural performances and a scrumptious palette of food trucks galore. Originally launched in 2003, GlobalFest is an annual cultural celebration organized by … Read the rest


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